Photography Project: December Daily

Welcome back for your last creative challenge!  If you are brand new to the blog, every month in 2017 I have posted a creative exercise or a mini photography project for you to do.  This is the final one of the year, so I hope you can join me for it!

So, here it is:  the final challenge of 2017.

If you have been following along since the start of the year, I hope you have enjoyed them all!  We’ve had a great mix of challenges I think, definitely something for everyone. (UPDATEL If you missed them, you can download our FREE creative photography projects and exercises guide to get them all!)

Remember, you can do the vast majority of these challenges at ANY time, so I’ll be back next week with a post that rounds up ALL the different challenges and projects I have here on the blog, so that you can pin or bookmark it for easy reference for going forward.

But back to this final challenge, as we are going to take on a mini photography project for this final month: a December Daily.

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What is a December Daily?

A December Daily is simply when you take a photo every single day leading up to Christmas. (I think the term was coined by the scrapbooking queen Ali Edwards, but I’m borrowing it!)

So for 25 days you will be taking an image each day, and documenting the season.  This makes it a really simple challenge, because you don’t have to work to any list, or think too much about getting a series of images, you just simply have to take an image a day.

(For that reason it’s also a great teaser to see if you enjoy the process of taking a photo a day, and if you do, continuing on in the New Year for a Project 365)

Photography Project: December Daily

What photos should I take?

You can take any type of photos you wish!  Your only goal is to capture the seasons as you celebrate it - so one day may be a picture of your table as you wrap gifts, another might be you taking home your tree, another might be you having a coffee after a hard day’s shopping, or even inside the store (which is where I seem to spend December!)

If you are doing anything holiday related on any given day, that’s fine too! Just document a part of your day - like the morning sunrise or the kids bathtime.

(If you need some ideas then you check out this earlier post with 31 photos prompts for Christmas!)

Photography Project: December Daily

I love scrapbooking! Who is this Ali Edwards you mentioned?

I’m not a scrapbooker -  I love to create photo books instead, and a December Daily is a great way for me to make sure I have captured the spirit of the season. However, if you are interested in scrapbooking, then check out Ali Edwards site where you can get kits for creating scrapbooks for your December Daily.

Photography Project: December Daily

Now it’s over to you!

I’d love it if you could share your images on Instagram - use the hashtag #livesnaplove so we can all find one another on there! You are also welcome to share your images on my Facebook Page, I ‘d love to see them!  See you there :)

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