Photography Project for Fall: The Fall Scavenger Hunt

Welcome back for another creative challenge!  If you are new to the blog, every month in 2017 I have been posting a creative exercise / mini photography project for you to do.  So if you like the idea of a monthly flex of your photography muscles, come back on the first Tuesday of every month for your assignment.  You can also find links to all of the previous challenges at the bottom of this post. 

Can you believe it's Fall already?!

Just a few months 'till Christmas :-) 

But right now, it's September, and time for another creativity challenge. 

Although it's not what I originally had planned,  we've got another Scavenger Hunt! To all those that requested it, I hope you enjoy it. 

Here's what to do: 

Photography Project for Fall | Creativity Challenge | Photo Scavenger Hunt | Photo Prompts for Fall

As per the Summer Scavenger Hunt, you've got a downloadable list of prompts, and all you need to do is simply go out and capture what is on the list.   

To get started, just click on the image below to download the PDF file (no email address required) 

The Challenge

Once you download the PDF you'll see that there are 40 prompts in all.  

Each prompt is for one thing, and all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for it and shoot it when you see it, OR think of of a way you can meaningfully capture it - whatever you prefer.  

As before, it doesn't need to be exact - you can get creative with the prompts if you wish! 

As with the previous Scavenger Hunt, you also have a bit longer with this challenge - two full months to be precise.  

(Oh, and if you need a bit of inspiration, or just want to get in the groove, check out the new board I just created on Pinterest for Fall Photo Ideas!

Er, Audrey, it's not Fall / Autumn where I am....

I know that for many people reading this blog, your seasons are the other way around, so a fall challenge doesn't sound like something you can take part it.  

I respectfully disagree!  

I believe you could do MOST of the prompts even if it is spring where you are - they will just look different.  For example, your tree lined walkway won't look the same as one taken in an area where it is Fall, but I think it's wonderful to see how things look in different parts of the world! 


Over to you! 

I’d love it if you could shareyour images on Instagram - use the hashtag #livesnaplove and also what prompt it is of.   (So if you take an image for the apple prompt you would use #livesnaplove and #apple) That way we can all find one another on Instagram too! 

if you fancy doing some more challenges, here's the previous exercises we have done so far in 2017: 

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See you again for your next challenge in November!