Photography Project For Summer: The Summer Scavanger Hunt

Welcome back for another creative challenge! If you are new to the blog, every month for 2017 I will be posting a creative exercise / mini photography project for you to do.  So if you like the idea of a monthly flex of your photography muscles, come back on the first Tuesday of every month for your assignment.  You can of course do these at ANY time, so at the bottom of this post you will find links to the previous challenges too!

For this month's creativity exercise, we are going on a Scavenger Hunt!

Looking for a photography project for summer? Then how about a Summer Scavenger Hunt!  Get loads of photo ideas for summer with this downloadable summer photo checklist


Yup. you've got a downloadable list of prompts, and all YOU need to do is go out and capture them! 

So, first things first, click on the image below to download the PDF file. 


The Challenge

Got it? Great!

You'll see that there are 40 prompts in total.  Each prompt is for one thing, and all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for it, and capture it when you see it! 

There's no need for it to be exact - for example, if the prompt is ice-cream, it could be a bowl of ice cream,  someone eating an ice-cream cone, the mess of your son's face after licking the bowl or even an ice cream van. 

If the prompt is swimming, then you could challenge yourself to shoot underwater, or just by the side of the pool, or even just dressed for swimming - so you can definitely be creative with the prompts! 

You also have a bit longer with this challenge - two months to be precise. The reason for that is I thought it would be easier to have the whole of the summer to do it! (Nothing to do with the fact that I have less free time in summer....😄)

Er, Audrey, it's not summer where I am....

Never fear, I thought about that too.  

I know that for many people reading this blog, my summer is actually your winter, so a summer scavenger hunt doesn't exactly sound doable. Oh,but it is! Although the prompts are things that I think are suited to summer activities, I wrote them with one little eye on winter too. 

For example, although the prompt "barefoot" makes the image of running through the sand barefoot come to mind, it could also be your little bare toes in the bath. And "fire" could be a camp fire to toast your marshmallows, or it could be a fire on at night to keep you toasty warm. 

So, yep, still do it, and I think it will be fun to see the difference in photos for one prompt based on where you are in the world!  

scavanger hunt (1 of 1).jpg

Over to you! 

I’d love it if you could shareyour images on Instagram - use the hashtag #livesnaplove and also what prompt it is of.  (So if you take an image for the swimming prompt you would use #livesnaplove and #swimming) That way we can all find one another on Instagram too! 

Want to get your hands on even MORE creative challenges? Then grab this FREE download which has 12 different creative exercises and projects - one for each month of the year! You'll never feel stuck or in a rut again :) 

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