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The 90 Day Learning Photography Blueprint

This free (and highly actionable!) cheat sheet will walk you through what you need to learn in photography, and in what order, so that you have a complete blueprint to refer to! Click the button below to enter your email and get this freebie delivered right to your inbox.


The Ultimate Lightroom Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with Lightroom Classic CC and edit your photos to perfection. Get a guide to importing, an editing checklist and an export cheat sheet, along with some free editing presets to get beautiful photos in one click.

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The Ultimate Photoshop Starter Kit

Take your first steps in learning how to develop magical, creative, next-level images using the unrivalled power of Photoshop with this Ultimate Starter Kit for Photoshop! Get a guide to layers, levels, and saving your files, along with some free actions for perfect photos.