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Take your first steps in learning how to develop magical, creative, next-level images using the unrivalled power of Photoshop with this Ultimate Starter Kit for Photoshop! Get a guide to layers, levels, and saving your files, along with some free actions for perfect photos (including my awesome sharpen and resize for web action!)

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"My first attempts at learning photography ended in much frustration because I couldn't wrap my brain around the numbers, I read every book out there and even took online and local classes. Just as I was about to give up, I found Audrey online. Simply stated, Audrey can teach in a way that makes sense. She explains the technical, brain-hurting elements of photography in a way that makes you say "Oh, now I get it!". I have never had so many light bulb moments and trust me, I've tried all the other options out there!" JAN


"You are an amazing teacher Audrey. I have referred my photographer friends to your classes and they have all raved about them! Launch Into Lightroom completely changed my editing abilities. I am now telling more skilled photographers about the tools available in it based on what I learned in your course. You are such a huge part of your student's journeys to photography greatness! " MEAGAN


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