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If you have some basics down, and you are ready to improve your images, then this is the collection for you :-) 

One thing you should absolutely, 100%, be doing right now is shooting in manual mode - it really is key to getting images of your family that look fantastic!  If you are struggling with Manual Mode, be sure to download my Cheat Sheet here: 


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5 Reasons Your Images Aren't Turning Out The Way You Want

It can be so disheartening when you pour your heart and soul into photography, but no matter what you seem to do, your images just don’t turn out the way that you want them to! In this blog post, you'll learn the MOST likely reasons why your images just aren’t turning out like you see in your head, and so you can go and do something about it!



4 Ways Shadows Can Add Interest To Your Images

I used to be terrified of shadows when I was taking pictures! I remember I wanted the image to be as free of shadows as possible, because dealing with them when they were falling on my subject was a nightmare I wasn't ready to contend with. But once you have got to grips with the basics, introducing shadows is an amazing way to make your images more engaging. 



3 Reasons You Should Be Shooting in Manual Mode (and not AV mode)

You have no doubt heard, time and time again, that you should learn how to shoot in manual mode if you want to improve your photography skills - so many times that I bet you are probably sick of hearing it!) But exactly WHY is it so darn important? Well, that's exactly what we are going to dive into in this blog post :-)



10 Things You'll Wish You Knew About Shooting in Manual Mode 

It's been quite a few years now since I made the switch from Aperture Priority Mode to shooting in Manual Mode, and it was one of the BEST things I ever did to improve my photography skills. It was like a whole new world opened up to me, and I started TRULY understanding exposure, and in turn, getting the images that I wanted.



How to Use Contrasting Colors to Add Punch to Your Images

There are loads of different ways to use color in photography, but for this particular post we are going to look and how we can convey contrast using color. This is often called chromatic contrast, but personally I think it’s easier to use the term complementary or contrasting colors - but either is good :)Here's a useful guide on how we can use this to add interest to our images!



5 Things To Make Sure You Get Right In Camera 

Although we can literally do a ton of things in editing, and fix many in-camera mistakes from the comfort of our computer desk, there are some things we just can't fix in processing, no matter how hard we try!

Here's are the five things I believe you should get right in camera every time (and why!)



4 Tips to Make Your Images Look More Professional

When you feel your images are a bit "meh", the chances are you are missing a key component from them. Getting great, artistic, professional looking images is a puzzle -  there are lots of different ingredients and factors that go into any one image, and the more of these factors that are right, the more "wow" your image is! Simple maths 😀



10 Compositional Tools that Add Impact to Your Photos

After you have mastered the basics of photography, it's time to get started on the fun stuff - and for me, composition is one of them!  Interesting composiiton can take an ordinary lifestyle image and elevate from a snapshot into something much more artistic so it's worth wrapping your head around a few tools!



How to Choose Your Camera Settings In Manual Mode

One of the things I get asked a lot is how to choose your settings when shooting in Manual Mode on your DSLR.  I understand that it can seem a little bit overwhelming at first - you are used to the camera making all of these decisions for you, so it can be difficult to even know where to start!  



Which Camera Lens is Right For You? 

Buying yourself a new lens - particularly if this is your first purchase away from the kit lens - can be an overwhelming experience!  It's an important decision for you to make too, since your lens choice plays a critical role in making sure your images look the way you want them to! Unfortunately, there is no one single lens that will suit everybody, all of the time, so which lens is best definitely comes down to personal choice. 



4 Tips For Keeping Up When Shooting In Manual Mode

One question pops up time and time again when people first consider moving to manual mode, which is: "How on earth do I keep up with changing my settings when shooting in manual mode, and my kids are running about all over the place?!" I hear ya! 



A Step By Step Guide to Using Backlight

I love shooting with back light (where the light is behind your subject) as I think it helps create a much more dramatic picture. However, there can be some issues to getting this right, especially with exposure and focus, but by these following tips, along with practice, you will be shooting into the light in no time! 



20 Photography Project Ideas

Are you in need of some new photography project ideas?  Here are 20 ideas to improve your photography, kick start your creativity and document your days! 




Your Guide to Back Button Focus for Sharper Images

If you find yourself struggling to get tack sharp photos of moving subjects, then i have a little tip for you here today that might just help! It's called back button focus - and it's another way of focusing that is particularly good for action shots. 



Shooting for B&W Images

Although there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a good black and white image, here are the things that I watch out for if I am looking to convert the image into black & white. You can use this in processing, or even when you are shooting if you know you want to convert the image later.