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Learn how to develop magical, creative, next-level images using the unrivalled power of Photoshop.

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Opened Photoshop, took one look at all the menus, tools, panels and layers.....and immediately closed it again! 😄

Pushed past the initial overwhelm, but you still feel nervous or intimidated every time you open the program, and you're not exactly sure what you should, or COULD, be in doing in there.  

Want tricks and techniques you can use to get richer and more vibrant images, or add in a little extra creative and artistic flair, but you're not sure where to start.  

Know that most pro photographers use Photoshop but you figure it’s too complicated, or you’re just not ready yet - and meanwhile your images are missing out on that WOW factor.

Ain’t got time for complicated technical jargon, and just want to know the simplest way to achieve your desired look, without fluff or overwhelm, or having to learn a heap of tools and options that you’ll never use. That way you can learn Photoshop in a matter of days, rather than weeks.  

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Did you raise your hand to any (or all!) of the above?

Perfect! Because that means I can definitely help.

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  Have FUN with the editing process, and feel confident and in control in Photoshop, so you could create more creative, interesting images?

√  Take your images to the next level with no-nonsense editing techniques that help them stand out among a sea of sameness?

√ Add game-changing magic and shine to your images with simple, yet stunning, special effects?

√  Create beautiful portraits that help people look like the best, shiniest versions of themselves (and not some alien-eyed barbie doll!)

√  Speed up your workflow in Photoshop to make editing multiple images quicker and easier, so editing doesn’t take HOURS out of your life?


Learning Photoshop is what most photographers call the “game changer”.

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That’s because Photoshop is where the MAGIC of editing happens - and where you can take your photos to that elusive next level status.

However, I get that it can be hugely overwhelming and intimidating.

That's because Photoshop meet the needs not just of photographers, but also graphic designers, illustrators, website designers, mobile app creators, cartoonists and more, so it has a load of tools and functions that as a photographer, you’ll simply will never need to know.

But that ALSO means it's easy to miss the easiest way to accomplish something, feel overwhelmed, or try to dodge using the program at all.

When I decided to learn Photoshop, I couldn’t find a single good resource detailing what most PHOTOGRAPHERS needed and wanted to know. That’s why I’ve spent months building the perfect resource for you that covers the MOST important tools and techniques for portrait and lifestyle photographers, so you'll soon be rocking Photoshop and getting the images you desire - but without the bone-crushing overwhelm!

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Photoshop Fundamentals is your "quick start" guide to harnessing the power of Photoshop for magical portrait or lifestyle images.

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This simple and easy to follow course layers on the knowledge in a logical sequence, so if the idea of working in Photoshop gives you panic attacks, I promise you'll feel right at home in no time.

We'll start right at the very beginning, building your foundational knowledge with basic tools and concept like layers, layers masks, the brush tool and simple adjustments, before getting down to business with a treasure trove of different techniques that will add artistic flair, polish and creativity to your images.

This program has all the lessons, all the tools, all the techniques and all the done-for-you resources that you need to rock Photoshop - and within days rather than months or years!

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 “I am over-the-moon happy with this course! Thank you. Your teaching style is crystal clear and exactly what I need” GAYLE

“Just wanted to say thank you for your photoshop fundamentals course - it was amazing. Editing my photos is now my absolute favorite part of photography!” JAN

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All the course materials, including videos, printable cheat sheets and the bonuses are available immediately within our online student portal so you can get started work TODAY.


>> 7 Video Training Modules, all online, and each full of easy to follow video lessons and step by step guides. Watch in your PJ’s whilst sipping on a ice cold G&T.


>> Downloadable Cheat Sheets and Quick Start Guides that break it all the confusing stuff down for you, step by step. Print them out and have them by your side for easy reference.


>> Step by step lessons, each one building on the last, so you are layering on the knowledge in a way that makes Photoshop feel waaaay less intimidating and more user friendly.


>> Instant access to every single module and lesson so you can get started on your Photoshop journey today. Plus the lessons are yours for life so you can work at a pace that suits you and never have to worry about falling behind or missing out.

>> Actionable steps. Other trainings boast thing like “140 hours of training!” Not me - I’m all about action. So I’ve distilled what you need to know into the smallest bite sized pieces possible, and I promise never overload your brain with needless information.

>> Beginner friendly tutorials and take-what-you-need advanced strategies that teach you the most important elements and most-used techniques, so you can get started editing your photos in less time that it takes to re-watch an episode of Breaking Bad.

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If you’ve never opened Photoshop before you’ll find right at home after we set up your workspace, and get to grips with the important basics of Photoshop such as layers, layers masks and the brush tools.

  • Photoshop Workspace Tour & Set Up Guide

  • The most crucial element of Photoshop - say hello to working with layers!

  • Understanding Layer Masks

  • Using the brush tool correctly

  • Go back in time with your edits

  • The why, when and how to merging layers



Adjustments layers are the heart of Photoshop, so we’ll get started with some simple ones to add contrast, adjust exposure and make colours pop. You’ll also be introduced to the time saving quick selection tool (and how to set up up correctly for first time use) and the all important Curves and Levels adjustments layers.

  • Changing your settings for quick selections with the brush

  • Improve global and local image tones accurately using the histogram and levels

  • Say hello to the magic of curves!

  • Make global and individual colors pop





Now it’s when it starts to get REALLY fun in Photoshop! We’ll go over a myriad of creative adjustments that will add some stunning affects to your photos - things like…

  • Awesome black and white conversions

  • Paint on highlights and dimension for images you feel you could reach out and touch

  • Change the colour of absolutely anything

  • Overall colour washes and paint on effects for simple soft haze or lush colour

  • Color-toning the highlights, midtones and shadows

  • Create glows or beams of sunlight to add extra interest

  • Enhance bokeh and background blur

  • Add a deep matte finish for a velvety, smooth look

  • Add colour toning to your vignettes for a unique finishing touch

  • Create a light and airy edit in 3 simple steps or change the colours to a fall scene

Pixels are the teeny tiny dots of info that make up your image, and Photoshop is the King of adjusting them! From simple things like doing a quick tidy up of the frame, to swapping the head in a portrait (aka the family portrait photographers life saver!) to transforming drab skies, we cover it all.

  • Clear out unwanted distractions and tidy up the frame

  • How to stretch or extend the canvas (two methods for plain and busy backgrounds)

  • Cropping your images for the best composition

  • How to swap the heads of your portraits

  • Use overlays and textures for unlimited creative effects

  • How to mirror the background for perfect symmetry

  • Transform drab or blown out skies

  • Links to some super useful resources for free downloads.



Subtle enhancements are key to gorgeous portrait photos. In this module you’ll learn how to do it so that your subject looks like the very, very best version of themselves, but most importantly, still natural.

  • Make eyes pop and sparkle for portraits with more life

  • Remove under-eye circles

  • Smooth the skin and give a healthy inner glow (with my secret sauce!)

  • Give lips and cheeks a healthy rosy glow

  • Whiten those teeth - no peroxide needed

  • Brush off annoying colours casts from the skin (of any colour) in under a minute

  • Perfect skin tones for skin colour that’s true to life



Editing in Photoshop can be slow, but this module is all about speeding things up, along with making sure that you protect your original images (so you can go back and make changes at any time you feel an editing tickle come on)

  • How to quickly copy just certain adjustments to another image

  • How to use and create your OWN actions to save time and create your own unique style

  • How to quickly batch edit multiple images

  • Create a simple text watermark and brush for protecting your photos online

  • Saving files for use in Lightroom or in Photoshop

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 Want bonuses? Yeah, you’ll get plenty….

We’re not done yet! Let’s take a peek at the extras you’re gonna get your hands on when you enroll..


In this comprehensive action set you’ll get an array of basic workflow actions that will help you make simple adjustments and essential color corrections quickly and easily. Plus you’ll get 10 unique all-in-one actions that will help you create a multitude of different looks from soft and subtle to deep and rich, plus amazing black and whites. The set also includes some finishing actions to apply the perfect amount of sharpness for prints or web use so you have everything you need to get started!

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Photoshop is not just for editing your photos! You can also create your own unique collages and prints - and I’ve given you FOUR different collage templates to get you started! You’ll get a square Project 52 Template, a heart template, rounded corner 16 aperture square template and a 12-aperture portrait template! Also includes instructions on how to use the templates.

BONUS #3 - Project 365 and Project 52 POCKET PAGE TEMPLATES

So many people have asked for my Project templates that I’ve included them here for you too! In this set of 6 x 4 cards, you’ll get templates for each day of the week, week of cards, months, along with quote cards and dual landscape cards. Perfect for printing out for 6 x 4 pocket pages, you’ll also get a video showing you how to use them so you’ll be off and running in no time!

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>> You’re a photographer who want to know how to add a little extra magic to your images, but can’t stand long, dry, boring trainings that leave you wondering what steps to take.

>> You don't feel confident using Photoshop: perhaps you have been trying to get to grips with it for a while, or maybe you haven't even opened the program, but either way it still feels intimidating!

>> You’ve thrown your hard-won money at actions in the past, but for some reason, they didn’t work the same on YOUR photos, and you don’t know how to tweak them.

>> You are a photographer, and primarily want to learn how to use Photoshop for editing your photos. Photoshop Fundamentals was designed specifically for you, not for graphic designers, website designers or cartoonists!

>> You don't have unlimited hours to spend trying to patch together disjointed tutorials, or jump between multiple trainings that leave you with no idea how to complete the picture.

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Your questions - answered!

If you can’t find your answer here - email me!

+ Is this suitable for beginners?

YES! If you’ve never used Photoshop before, or you've opened it and felt completely overwhelmed, then this course is perfect for you. I go through all the tools and panels you need to know, before sharing how you can use these to edit your photos, plus some more advanced techniques - so you can be off and running into Photoshop in just a few hours!

+ Will I learn everything there is to know about Photoshop?

No, simply because there is SO much you can with Photoshop - and there is around ten different ways to achieve any one thing! Plus this course is geared specifically toward photographers, and those new to Photoshop, so you can put everything you learn to immediate use, I only cover the things that I find myself doing time and time again in Photoshop, so you don't get a lot of information you don't need.. So although you definitely won't learn everything about Photoshop, you will learn a TON!

+ Do you offer any guarantees?

You bet! You get 14 days to take the course for a test drive, and if it doesn't live up to your expectations, I will gladly give you a refund. All you need to do is write to me letting know why it wasn't right, and you'll get every single dollar back.

+ Do I need to take the course at certain times or can I access the materials anytime I want?

When you enroll, you'll get instant access to the entire course so you can go at your own pace. You also have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can never fall behind or miss out!

+ How and where do I get access to the course?

As the course is online, you can access the course from anywhere that has an internet connection. So you can work from home, in a cafe, or on holiday! All you need to do is log in using the username and password you create at checkout, and the entire course is there waiting for you. So you don't need to download videos, or send them to yourself via email, just log in, and pick up where you left off.

+ What if I get stuck?

This course gives you clear, step by step instruction on Photoshop, but unlike my other courses, Photoshop Fundamentals does not currently include one on one support, or feedback on your photos.

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Checkout securely with PayPal or Credit card. You’ll instantly be taken to the course website to view the course, and within minutes you’ll receive your confirmation email.


You’ll have instant access to all the trainings and video tutorials so you can get started right away! You’ll get immediate access to all the bonuses too, so you can download your actions and templates.


Get stuck into Photoshop and do a happy dance as it all make sense! Continue to grow your skills and get next-level images to show off with as you dive into the various editing tutorials.


 You get 30 days to test drive Photoshop Fundamentals. If you don’t love it, you get a full, no quibble refund.

Not sure if Photoshop Fundamentals is going to be right for you? Then don’t worry, because you get a FULL 30 DAYS to take it for a test drive and try it out!

If within those 30 days, you don't think this is the course for you, then all you need to do is email me, letting me know why the course didn’t live up to your expectations, and you’ll get every single dollar back. No harm, no foul.

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I’m known for breaking difficult concepts into easy to understand step by step trainings, so if you’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop, then there’s never been a better time to jump in!

I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible get to grips with editing in Photoshop, transform their images, and have fun editing. Welcome to the party!