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Courses for new photographers who want to make images as beautiful as the moments they capture.


Auto to Awesome

The AUTO to AWESOME e-course is a step by step program that will take you away from the safety of AUTO and "middle of the road" photos, and give you the tools and techniques you need to turn your child and family images into wall worthy, professional looking photographs - in just six weeks!

Launch Into Lightroom

This step by step program will teach you how to get organised, edit your images to perfection and streamline your workflow using Lightroom. 

Launch Into Lightroom combines the organisational strategies you need with tons of editing tutorials, so that by the end of the course you have a fool-proof SYSTEM for managing and editing your images, from start to finish.

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The Ultimate Course Bundle! 

Featuring both Auto to Awesome and Launch Into Lightroom, this course bundle gives new photographers the A to Z of how to take amazing images in camera, and then how to polish them to perfection inside Lightroom. Inside Auto to Awesome you'll get the skinny on how to shoot in manual mode, use light effectively, and get tack sharp images,  and inside Launch Into Lightroom, you'll see exactly what to do at each stage within Lightroom - from import to export and everything in between.