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Hey there! I'm Audrey Ann.

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So happy to meet you! I'm committed to helping you improve your photography skills, so you can beautifully capture your family and everyday life, and create a life you love through photography.

Learning photography really can be simple and fun, so if you find most photography tutorials about as fun as watching paint dry (& as easy as learning quantum physics from a hamster!) then you're SO in the right place.

If you're curious about my background and how Live Snap Love came to be, you can get the full scoop on my About page. 


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Raise your hand if you wish photography tutorials weren't so dry and boring? Yeah, me too :-) 

That's why here at Live Snap Love, there's no boring technical jargon, or sleep inducing tutorials - just step by step guides, inspiring interviews, and actionable insights that will have you taking gorgeous images of your family in no time at all. 

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Avoid the overwhelm and frustration of learning photography by following one of our easy to follow courses.  Every single action is detailed, so you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it, every step of the way!  (And if you ever do get stuck, all our courses come with access to our "Insider's Club", so you are never left alone)  Get started today, and pretty soon you'll be taking Pinterest worthy photos of your family with ease.